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Household Cleaners

Cheap Household Cleaners

We stock top branded cleaning products at the lowest possible prices, so you can keep your home spotless and hygienic at all times without ever going over budget.

Anti-Bacterial Wipes

Multi-surface wipes should be a staple in any household cleaning cupboard. B&M stocks products from leading brands like Dettol and Clean & Protect - and you can even pick up scented options from Fabulosa!

Carpet Cleaners

A good carpet cleaner removes dirt and cleans up stains with very little effort. At B&M, you can find carpet foam and powder from Vanish, stain remover from Dr Beckmann and wash solutions from Vax - all for great prices.

Disinfectant Sprays

It’s vitally important to keep bacteria from spreading throughout your home, especially in rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom.

Our range of disinfectant sprays, including products from Flash and Fabulosa, will make it easy for you to quickly and effectively clean any surface.

Dish Cloths and Sponges

If there’s one thing that needs regularly replacing in your home, it’s your dish cloths and sponges. It’s important to buy fresh ones often in order to prevent the spread of bacteria - and that makes it a regular household expense.

That’s why B&M sells a multipacks of cloths, sponges and microfibre dusters for great prices.


Visit B&M to pick up disinfectant fluid from popular brands like Jeyes and Zoflora, as well as highly effective bleaches and toilet cleaning products from other big names.

Floor Cleaners

Whether you have wood floors, tiles, laminate, vinyl or any other floor covering, you’ll find everything you need to keep it looking perfect at B&M. We stock items from Dettol and Flash to help you stay on top of all surfaces.

B&M has all of the cheap household cleaners you’ll need for every room in the house - with each product available at the best possible price.

You can find plenty more cheap cleaning supplies in our Household Essentials section.


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