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Insulation & Draught Excluders

Shop Insulation & Draught Excluders at B&M Stores

At present, it can get very costly to keep your home warm, cosy and free from issues such as dampness and condensation.

Not only can keeping your central heating on all day be very draining on your household budget, but it’s also bad for the environment, as it uses up excessive levels of fossil fuels.

Whether you’re keeping an eye on your spending, want to live in a way that is healthier for the planet, or you simply want to make your house more efficient for less, B&M has an excellent range of products to suit your requirements.

Keep Warm for Less with Under Door Draught Excluders and Letter Box Covers

Under-door draught excluders - which come in both brush and foam strip form - are extremely handy to prevent cold air from leaking in under your external doors, and to stop hot air from escaping.

They double as a great way to guard against debris and insect ingress, too!

We have adhesive rubber and foam strips to cover gaps around doors and windows, and you can even secure your letterbox against draughts, too, with our easy-to-install cover made from moulded high-impact PVC, complete with long-lasting bristles.

B&M also stocks insulated outdoor covers to prevent your garden taps from freezing up.

Radiator Foil, Window Glazing Film and More

Radiator foil is a handy secret weapon to make the most of all of the heat in your home. Simply install it behind any radiator to reflect its warmth into the surrounding room, preventing it from being lost or absorbed into your home’s walls before it can get to you.

We also stock window glazing film - which works similarly to double glazing to prevent heat from escaping and draughts from getting in.

Our superb insulation products are from top brands like Exitex and are available at the best possible price to help you heat your home for less.

Want to stay warm while driving, too? We offer superb items such as heated car cushions in our extensive Car Care range.