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Cheap Accessories at B&M

As with all of our products, B&M offers our accessories at the best possible price - helping you to stick to a budget without missing out on high quality items such as our insoles.

With numerous comfortable full length insoles and shoe inserts available, you can choose the most suitable to help you treat any foot problem - from general foot pain to the specific discomfort associated with “flat feet” or dropped arches.

Insoles for Men

Fabricated from quality materials such as memory foam and shock-absorbing gel, our men’s insoles are ideal for a range of lifestyles - improving the fit of your shoes and enabling you to take on various physical activities without your feet having to suffer.

Gel insoles are available in sizes 5 - 10.5.

You can also keep your feet fresh all day with unisex anti-odour options.

Insoles for Women

To help you feel the highest levels of comfort in every part of each foot, insoles for women from B&M are designed for a range of shoe styles.

From soothing, impact-resistant gel to adaptable memory foam, your feet will feel protected and cosy throughout the day. Our gel insoles are available in sizes 3 - 8.

We even offer patterned insoles to match your favourite high heels or fashion footwear, providing a layer of spongy protection to keep your feet feeling their best - plus, our anti-odour inserts will leave you feeling and smelling fresh.

Our protective insoles are affordable and comfortable. Find them in the Accessories section at B&M.

You can also pick up brand new, budget friendly shoes in which to place your superb new insoles. Check out our Men’s and Women’s Clothing and Footwear ranges to find out more.

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