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Oven Gloves & Aprons

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Your oven gloves don’t need to be dull and utilitarian, and they certainly don’t need to cost you a prohibitive amount of money!

Oven gloves or mitts are a vital cooking accessory, allowing you to place food into - or remove it from - your oven, microwave or any other hot appliance without burning your fingers.

Thanks to the super-affordable range of stylish gloves, mitts and pot holders available from B&M, you can protect your hands easily and comfortably with an accessory that matches your kitchen aesthetic perfectly.

From simple and elegant block-colour designs in black, sage or grey to fun prints including bees, florals, geometric shapes and even adorable sausage dogs, you’ll find the ideal style in-store today.

Oven Gloves, Mitts and Pot Holders for a Bargain

Whether you’re looking for single oven gloves or “gauntlets”, two-handed oven mitts or even super practical heat-resistant silicone hand protectors, we offer a great range of affordable, protective designs.

There are even matching gloves and mitts in our range, so that you can twin your kitchen accessories for a super satisfying touch.

We know that fabric products used in the kitchen are exposed to a great deal of wear and tear, along with grease and other staining substances.

That’s why all of our gloves and mitts are thick, padded and comfortable, making them super-protective. They’re also made entirely from sturdy cotton twill and polyester, so they can be easily washed time and time again.

For even more elegant textile products for your kitchen, why not take a look at B&M’s range of cheap tea towels? These items are durable and beautifully designed, and even come in oversized styles or in packs of three for extra convenience and affordability.