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New Garden Range at B&M.

Home Accessories

Shop Home Furnishings, Accessories and Decor at B&M

Pick up stunning candle holders, quality faux flower arrangements, trinket trays and boxes to just name a few of the delights in this lovely range. At the same time, we also have a range of planters, hanging decor and wall art to choose from.

Find your inner interior decorator and create your ideal aesthetic in bedrooms, bathrooms, living spaces and hallways - all without breaking the bank. You can find loads of great home accessories and home decorations at B&M.

Browse the great range of decorative accessories today!


The right lighting is vital to set the mood and draw the eye to particular areas of any room. At B&M, we’ve got the perfect lamps, shades, and pendants for any home, along with decorative and novelty options for your ideal setup.

Shed some light on our range of lighting accessories today.


It’s a known fact that mirrors make a room look larger and brighter - but they can also liven up “dead space” and serve as gorgeous ornamentation in their own right. Select from our elegant range of mirrors today, including hanging, mounted, vanity, and over-door options!

Have a look at our collection of mirrors today.

Photo Frames

Photo frames are the perfect finishing touch to any room, transforming them from a space that you occupy to part of your home. We have a wide selection of photo frames at B&M and in just as many colours.

Look back on exciting and life-affirming memories with your family, friends, and pets with B&M’s affordable selection of frames. Our range includes options for multi-aperture, standing, as well as wall-mounted designs. Whether you’re looking for a small 6x4 frame for holiday snaps or a poster frame, you’ll find it at B&M.

Browse our range of photo frames today.

Vases & Artificial Flowers

Brighten any space with a touch of nature that never fades! Our super-realistic faux flowers are the perfect detail to finish off your home’s well-chosen aesthetic, while our vases and planters come in a wide spectrum of designs to suit any taste.

You can find our selection of vases and artificial flowers at B&M today.


Gorgeous ornaments serve as wonderful finishing touches for any space.

Sculpted artwork can cost an arm and a leg. However, B&M offers ornaments depicting elegant figures, animals and natural shapes in ceramics, metallics and matte materials for just a few pounds.

Browse our selection of sculptures today.

Candles & Diffusers

A flickering flame is a wonderfully atmospheric thing. Set the mood with B&M’s beautiful candles and candle holders and enjoy a range of fragrances with our scented varieties and reed diffusers created by Air Wick, Airpure, Botanica, Essence, Fabulosa, Glade or even Swizzels!

We have a wide selection of candles and diffusers at B&M. We’re sure you’ll find one to suit you at B&M.


Clocks make for superb practical decor. Whether you prefer wall-mounted or standing clocks, alarm clocks, analog options or digital designs, you’ll find them all at B&M!


A great accessory to complement your soft furnishings and other decor, doormats help to keep your floors clean and introduce visitors to your sense of style right off the bat!

Declare your affinity for a particular TV show or fictional universe, reveal your love of your pet or simply offer a little wow factor just across the threshold with B&M’s affordable range.

Save money and enjoy the finer things with B&M’s home and furniture range.

You can also keep on top of the home decor fashion of the moment by browsing our Trending section.

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