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New Garden Range at B&M.

Dishwasher Products

Cheap Dishwasher Products

With dishwasher tablets and other tableware cleaning products from top brands like Fairy, Finish, Fabulosa and Astonish, you can get the spotless look you’ve been dreaming of for the lowest possible price.

Dishwasher Capsules, Tablets & Salt

Our affordable dishwasher detergents - including tablets, dishwashing liquids and powder detergents - are all you need to tackle the build-up of grease and baked on food.

Tackle oily pans, well-used casserole dishes and more besides with cheap detergent tablets, rinse aid and other branded dishwasher products in order to achieve perfectly clean dishes every time.

You can also improve the results of dishwashing by hand by checking out our range of budget friendly washing up products and accessories, including items by top brands.


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