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Cat Food, Cat Treats & Cat Biscuits

Shop Cat Food and Treats at B&M Stores

At B&M, we know that every cat is different. Some latch on to a specific brand of cat food and refuse anything else (no matter the expense!) while others will happily eat anything and everything that’s put in front of them (healthy or not!).

That’s why we stock a wide selection of excellent quality cat food to suit kitties - whatever their age or tastes - and we make sure to keep each and every product as affordable as possible.

After all, your cat is a beloved member of your family, and we know you want the very best for them.

Whether you’re looking for delicious tins or sachets of wet food, tempting dry food or special treats for felines that are particularly well-behaved (or just pampered!), you’ll find just what you’re looking for in-store today for less.

Find Budget-Friendly Cat Food and Treats from Top Brands

We only stock the very best cat food from leading brands, including Barking Mad, Butcher's, Dreamies, Felix, HiLife, Iams, Purina, Sheba, Webbox and Whiskas.

Nutritionally balanced and developed to be delicious for your beloved pets, you’ll be surprised at the affordable prices for which these high-quality products are available at B&M.

You can pick up a lasting supply of wet and dry food in huge, affordable multipacks, or drop in to find super specialist treats like catnip biscuits and specially-formulated cat milk or cream for the super-discerning feline.

We also offer a wide selection of brilliant cat toys to help you keep your furry friend entertained all day long - whatever they love to play with most! Our range of cat litter is also extremely affordable - ideal for the busy cat parent on a budget.

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