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New Garden Range at B&M.

Decorating Supplies and Home Decor from B&M

Decorating Supplies at B&M

At B&M, we provide a range of tools and materials to properly prepare a space for decorating and to help you achieve the best finish you possibly can - so whether you want to raise the value of your home or you just fancy upgrading your surroundings, look no further.

Decorating Tools

With affordable paint brushes and roller sets for both interior and exterior painting, sticky back plastic applicators, plastering trowels, cleaning cloths and more besides, stock up on decorating tools from B&M to make sure you reach professional standards every time.

Adhesives & Tapes

Seal what needs sealing, secure and attach where required and keep paint neatly within the lines with a range of professional quality tapes.

You can also browse our range of adhesives from top brands, including spray glue, PVA bond, super glue, wood glue, carpet adhesive and wallpaper adhesive.

Sealants & Fillers

Smooth over holes and cracks and create strong seals and bonds with superb fillers and professional grade sealants. 

From anti-fungal, mould proof kitchen and bathroom sealant to expanding foam, grout and multi-purpose filler, along with a range of applicators and finishing products, a flawless finish is within easy reach.

Decorating Preparation

The prep you do will make all the difference to the end result. Cleaning, sanding, distributing dust sheets and wearing the right gear are all key steps in the early stages of decorating - which is why we offer affordable equipment to suit all of these purposes.

So, for decorating supplies that don’t break the bank, B&M should always be your first port of call.

When you’re ready to move on to the next step, take a look at our selection of hand and power tools for a low cost approach to DIY.


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