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New Garden Range at B&M.

Glues & Tapes

Cheap Glue & Tapes

From craft days to home DIY, our wide range of glues and tapes will supply you with the very best adhesives to complete any task. Whether you’re spending a craft day creating personalised cards or decorating gifts, our range of patterned craft tape or coloured glue will be perfect to add a special touch to any design.

Fun Glue & DIY 

We even sell gooey glues for a fun day with kids where they can enjoy creating different coloured slime whilst leaving less mess! For household use or to complete your latest DIY project, our superglue and strong tape will always provide you with the reassurance to complete your task to a high-quality standard.

For your fun craft days, you can also find everything you need to restock your kit in our Craft and Design section.