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Shop Cheap Batteries and Battery Packs at B&M Stores

When you own a range of appliances and equipment that can’t be charged via mains electricity, it can become tricky, and costly, to keep it all working.

Everything you own that requires batteries, from fire alarms and tools to beloved children’s toys, adds an extra cost onto your weekly shop - and that bill quickly adds up.

At B&M, we understand that this is the case for many households, which is why we sell high-quality batteries and charging products like battery packs at the lowest possible price every time.

With top brands like Duracell and Panasonic on our shelves, you’ll be able to stay well within budget when picking up your next batch of batteries - whatever kind you need.

Great Value AA & AAA Batteries

You can find batteries of all types and sizes at B&M. We know that AA and AAA batteries are always in high demand, so you’ll always find them at a bargain price when you pay us a visit in-store.

Find Great Deals on Alkaline and Rechargeable Batteries

Of course, we don’t only offer standard batteries: we know how frustrating it can be when a device or electronic item demands one that is hard to find and potentially costly.

For this reason, we have a selection of alkaline mini-cell batteries available, as well as lithium batteries.

You can also pick up rechargeable batteries - and the chargers with which they work - to save money and time. You can use these products over and over again, and simply insert them into their charging docks once they’re out of power.

Looking for rechargeable and plug-in devices that offer plenty of power and get the job done in no time? Take a look at our great range of Power Tools!