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Batteries at B&M

With so many devices requiring batteries, they quickly become an ongoing expense that can easily eat into your household budget!

Fortunately, you can find all kinds of cheap batteries from B&M in a range of pack sizes to help you get more for your money.

AA Batteries

B&M offers packs of AA batteries from a range of top brands including Duracell and Panasonic.

However many you need, from a single battery to a pack of thirty, you'll find them right here.

AAA Batteries

If your devices, tools or appliances require batteries of a slightly smaller size, you can also pick up long lasting AAA batteries from B&M.

Always offered at the best possible price, you'll save by purchasing your batteries from any of our stores.

Rechargeable Batteries

Save money and reduce waste by choosing rechargeable AA or AAA options.

We also offer affordable charging kits to replenish battery power quickly and easily.

Alkaline Batteries

You can pick up alkaline, lithium and other specialist battery types and sizes from B&M for great prices.

So, for cheap batteries - whatever the specification of your devices, look no further than our dedicated section.

You can also find superb affordable bulbs and other lighting solutions at B&M to bring down your household costs even further!

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