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Cheap Wallpaper at B&M

B&M’s selection of wallpaper features bold and exciting patterns, prints and finishes to match current interior design trends.

Paper is a quick, affordable way to make a big difference - whether you want a feature wall in your living room or to totally transform your home.

Damask Wallpaper

For an elegant, vintage style with beautiful repeating patterns, Damask is the timeless answer every time.

Striped Wallpaper

Inject a little fun into your decor with bold stripes - whether you prefer monochrome or a colour bonanza!

Floral Wallpaper 

Florals are always in fashion, whether you prefer big, bright, eye-catching prints or a touch of subtle, natural charm.

Plain & Textured Wallpaper

From the suave and subtle to the charming and tactile to the all-out fun, keep it simple with plain designs or try something a little different with textured wallpaper.

Contemporary Wallpaper 

Fancy something cutting-edge? Our collection of contemporary wallpapers will keep you up to date.

Kids Wallpaper & Wall Stickers

We offer charming wallpaper for kids, featuring fun patterns and familiar characters!

Effects Wallpaper 

From brick and wood-panel effects to stone and even gold - this is an affordable way to achieve a striking look or texture.

Geometric Wallpaper

The geometric trend shows no sign of abating - so browse our stunning patterned papers to keep your walls up to date.

Marble Wallpaper 

For a soothing, cooling, natural effect that goes with almost anything, why not pick a marble-look paper?

Check Wallpaper 

Homey, traditional and rustic, checks have always been a decor favourite.

Kitchen & Bathroom Wallpaper 

Don’t shy away from papering your kitchen or bathroom - browse cheap wallpapers that stand up to the challenges of moisture and heat!

Lining Paper & Paintable Wallpaper 

Lining paper will smooth out any flaws in your walls before you affix your final paper, and you can also browse smooth or textured papers to be painted a colour of your choice!

Sticky Back Plastic 

Here, we offer handy adhesive films to add exciting colours, finishes and textures to almost any surface.

Wallpaper Tools & Paste

B&M supplies a selection of handy papering equipment that make it easy to apply a wide range of wallpapers yourself!

Pick up your favourite home wallpapers from B&M today.

You can also check out our Decorating Preparation range to make sure all of your surfaces are ready to be papered!

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