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New Garden Range at B&M.


DIY Supplies at B&M

B&M provides a range of cheap DIY supplies. We also offer handy materials that will enable you to achieve your dream finish.

Plain, Patterned & Designer Wallpaper

Bold, stylish wallpaper is significantly on-trend at the moment - so why not treat yourself to an enviable design that won’t break the bank?

Cheap Paint

Finding your perfect paint colour can be fussy and expensive. To save yourself the stress and stick to your budget, check out B&M’s affordable paint range - with a whole spectrum of interior and exterior colours available.

Decorating Tools and Supplies

You’ll need brushes and rollers to apply paint expertly - or adhesive and other papering equipment to ensure your new wallpaper hangs perfectly.

You may also need to prep surfaces with filler or remove old paint and varnish from furnishings before you start any transformation. Our decorating supplies will help endlessly here.

Car Care and Car Accessories

Browse our car care range for handy equipment to keep your vehicle in tip top condition.

Flooring and Tiling

Whether you prefer tile, carpet, vinyl or laminate, our flooring and tiling section will provide you with all of the materials and accessories you need to totally transform your floors.

Lighting & Bulbs

A change in the power and quality of a single bulb can make a massive difference to the feel of a room - so browse this range to see your home in a whole new light. 


Suitable for a range of equipment and accessories, batteries will always be in demand! Check the type you need, then take a look at our selection to find affordable power supplies that meet your requirements.

Tools & Equipment

This great range features everything from power tools and hand tools to handles, security equipment, hooks, hangers, switches, sockets, wall plugs, plumbing materials, steps and ladders and even tool storage and shelving options.

Electrical Accessories

This handy collection of accessories includes items such as cable ties and fuses - all the little bits and pieces you need to keep on top of your home’s electrics.

For any cheap DIY supplies, look no further than B&M’s wide range.

Get started on your project with our selection of affordable and effective decorating DIY tools.


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