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Incinerator Bins, Water Butts & Wheelbarrows

There’s no better place to stock up on all your garden essentials than the B&M Stores Garden Centre. Keep your garden thriving with our large selection of water butts, incinerator bins, watering cans, galvanised bins, wheelbarrows and so much more. Browse our deals online and shop in-store.

*Above products are only available at Garden Centre stores

People Ask

  • A water butt is basically a storage tank for collecting rainwater to use on your garden. You can install a water butt to save money on the amount of water you use from your household - as you can use water from the butt instead of tap water.

    They’re very helpful tools to help you save water during hosepipe bans and provide a quick supply during drier seasons.

    You can get an overflow pipe so you don’t have to worry if your waterbutt is full - and rainwater diverters can help to direct water directly into your specialist container.

  • You can find home composting bins in B&M’s garden centres, but you can also modify any pedal bins or other waste bins you own by drilling holes every few inches up the sides and across the bottom to encourage air flow.

    It’s best to start the composting process with something carbon heavy, like leaves, to get it started off. Soil also helps, as it contains useful organisms that will break down the compostable materials well. Don’t forget to keep turning your compost regularly.

  • A compost heap, compost pile or bin should include nitrogen heavy organic materials (“greens”). This is food waste like fruit and vegetable matter, egg shells, coffee grounds and similar as well as grass clippings.

    There should also be a lot of carbon rich matter (“browns”), most of which will come from garden waste like leaves as well as newspaper, straw and sawdust.

    You should add more browns than greens. There should be at least twice as much carbon-rich matter than nitrogen, or the compost will smell!

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