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Shop Microwaves at B&M Stores

If you’re looking for a swift, easy and effective way to cook, defrost or reheat food safely, a microwave is almost always the best answer!

The microwave is user-friendly, compact and a great alternative to ovens for those who wish to use less energy to reduce their bills or shrink their carbon footprint. The device also comes with the added benefit of taking a fraction of the time of other cooking appliances.

They’re not just for ready meals either - a simple online search will reveal dozens of delicious and wholesome home cooked recipes that can be prepared using just a microwave!

Take a look in store to choose from a great selection of these affordable and convenient appliances today.

Get Great Deals on Microwaves From Your Favourite Brands

If you’re on the lookout for a microwave of any style or functionality, B&M can provide you with the perfect model to suit your requirements - for the best possible price.

We have plenty of designs to suit the rest of your kitchen decor, from fun colourful options to sleek stainless steel or black microwaves. Our models are manufactured by the trusted electrical brand Goodmans - and available at great prices to fit any budget.

The microwaves available from B&M are all 700W models. They are highly versatile, with each offering multiple power settings, a 20 litre capacity and a defrost function.

Some also have auto cooking functions to make your food preparation even easier - and you can select from models featuring either manual or digital controls to find the appliance that best suits your preferences.

Check out B&M’s range of microwaves from leading brands today to speed up and simplify the cooking process and reduce your energy usage. For other handy home appliances, why not browse our selection of high-quality Irons, too?

Recycle your old Electricals with us!

If you're buying a new electrical item from us, we will recycle your old one for free!

Ask in store for more details.

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