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Decking is an easy, practical and attractive way to cover areas of your garden. Create attractive new designs without the cost and work involved in laying patio with our huge offers on decking boards and decking tiles at B&M Stores.

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People Ask

  • There are all kinds of quality garden decking materials available, but the most popular include tropical hardwood, pressure treated timber and wood composite decking boards.

    All of the above are tough and highly resistant to rot and decay. They tend not to be affected by insects and other pests. There is very little maintenance required for composites, while pressure treated decking is usually the cheapest.

  • Measure the area for your garden decking, then remove soil to around 50mm deep. Ensure the area is flat using a spirit level. A 2mm gradient prevents puddles.

    Cut the outer joists carefully to size and lay them in place on their narrowest faces. Ensure the frame is flat and square, then mark two vertically aligned pilot holes at each corner - 40mm from the top and bottom of the frame respectively.

    Cut the joists to size and attach them to the frame 400mm apart using joist hangers. Measure out and pre-drill holes into your decking boards or tiles. Countersink the holes for safety.

    Use decking screws to attach the boards or tiles to the frame.

  • Yes - again, you’ll need to dig down around 50mm and ensure the ground is flat for stability. You’ll also need to use weed killer or weed control fabric to make sure nothing grows through the decking surface.

    You’ll also need to make sure that the area you use has good drainage.

  • Cutting wood composite is very easy. When cutting individual lengths, measure them carefully first to make sure they’ll fit. For best effect, use a medium-tooth mitre saw or circular saw. You can also use a mitre saw to create attractive and safe mitred edges.

    For something quicker, you can also cut decking to size after installation by leaving an overhang and carefully marking out chalk lines. Cut along the lines using a circular saw.

  • Because they are commonly made of a hardy combination of processed wood fibres and recycled plastic, composite is one of the most durable decking options and can last for up to 30 years if installed and maintained correctly.

    Their rot and insect resistant and will not be adversely affected by the weather.

  • This depends on the type of decking you have, but most decking materials can be cleaned using a specialist solution that can be dissolved in water.

    We love the decking cleaner from Spear & Jackson as it removes mould, algae and moss while preventing regrowth.

    First, scrub the deck with a stiff bristled brush to remove debris. If your decking is well-treated, you could use a power washer to blast away more stubborn spots.

    Next, apply your decking cleaner with a cloth or brush. Finally, it’s a good idea to apply a new coat of specialist slip resistant finish or oil.

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