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Household Essentials

Household Essentials

From cheap multipurpose cleaners to bin bags, laundry detergent, squeegees, hygienic gloves, spray bottles and much more, our Household Essentials department includes a wide range of miscellaneous home necessities to help you and your family stay comfortable and organised.

Bathroom Supplies

You can find everything from luxury scented toilet roll and tissues to hygienic pedal bins, toilet roll holders and caddies and shower squeegees within our selection of handy bathroom supplies.

With popular brands such as Andrex, Fabulosa and Unibond available, you know you’ll be receiving top quality products - just with a lower price tag!

Kitchen Supplies

Find swing top kitchen bins, bin liners and fresheners, wash pads, scented kitchen roll, dusters, scrubbing brushes and even insect door screens to make sure your kitchen stays perfectly clean and tidy.

There are plenty more practical and affordable products available throughout our Household Essentials range - so feel free to pay a visit to your local B&M and pick up all the handy cleaning and organisation solutions you require.

You can also check out our full Household & Cleaning range to see other cheap big brand products that B&M has to offer.

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