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Baby Healthcare

Cheap Baby Supplies at B&M Stores

Visit your local B&M to pick up all of the baby products you need for the best possible price, from baby milk to cheap nappies.

Bathing & Changing

Babies have soft and sensitive skin, so it’s important to purchase only the gentlest, most soothing bath lotions, powders, baby wipes and wash mitts.

Our cheap baby powder and other changing and washing products have been developed by specialists like Johnson & Johnson, Dove, Baby Bear, Benthapen and Huggies.


Parents need to stock up on nappies and night training pants regularly, which makes them liable to become quite a big expense.

For this reason, B&M offers cheap nappies from Huggies, as well as reusable swim nappies from Bambino to help you stay well within your budget and to keep your baby dry and comfy at all times.


Tasty and nutritious baby food and baby milk is a must to ensure that your little one grows up strong and healthy.

B&M offers a superb selection of fruit pots, porridges, flavoured waters, infant milk, rusks and biscotti from top brands such as Cow & Gate, Aptamil, Heinz and Farley’s.

Our range also includes teethers and secure sip cups.


It can be quite upsetting if your little one is feverish, teething, struggling with nappy rash or having a hard time with gripe, but the affordable baby healthcare products from B&M can help you to treat and soothe your baby, ensuring they are comfortable at all times.

Take a look at B&M’s budget friendly selection of baby products today to pick up all of the baby supplies you need for the best possible price.

You can also find specialist toothbrushes and toothpaste for infants and kids in our Dental Care range.


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