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New Garden Range at B&M.

Health & Beauty

Cheap Health and Beauty Products at B&M Stores

We offer beauty essentials and health products for a wide range of purposes - from fragrances to fitness and much more besides - including items designed for men, women and babies.

You can find out a little more about our range below.

Fragrances & Perfume

Our selection of men’s and women's fragrances include popular scents - with eau de toilette and eau de parfum options, as well as body lotions, aftershaves and deodorants.

Beauty Electrical

Whether you’re looking for hairdryers, styling tools, shavers or trimmers, you’ll find it amongst our range of branded electrical beauty products.


Pick up products that are expertly designed for your skin type - from dry to oily, and from regular to sensitive - without breaking the bank.

Find wipes and cleansers, tanning and suncare products and specialist cosmetics in the Skincare section at B&M.


Our range of toiletries includes hygienic handwash, bathing accessories, feminine care and plenty more.

Nail Accessories

Files, clippers, tweezers, brushes, nail polish remover and even treatments for fungal nail problems can be easily found among the B&M Nail Care range.

Fitness Products

Visit B&M to pick up everything you need to keep your body healthy and in great shape - including protein powders and bars, slimming shakes, running shoes, trainer socks and reusable water bottles.

Dental Care

Keep on top of your oral hygiene with superb toothbrushes, toothpaste and mouthwashes.

Baby Healthcare

With B&M’s help, you can keep your baby healthy, happy and comfortable at all times. We offer a range of nutrition-rich feeding options, as well as bathing and changing products that are designed to cleanse and soothe sensitive skin.

Reading Glasses

Our fashion-forward and functional reading glasses come in a range of designs and strengths to suit your tastes and practical requirements.

Health & Wellbeing Products

Find affordable painkillers, allergy relief products, digestive health and incontinence solutions, cold and flu medicines, vitamins and supplements, footcare products and wellbeing items for children and babies in the Health & Wellbeing section at B&M.

We also offer top quality hand sanitiser and face coverings.

Hair Care Products

Choose from your favourite shampoos and conditioners, hair styling products, expertly developed colourants and on-trend hair accessories to maintain your perfect look for less.

Men's Toiletries

This great selection of high quality, cheap health products and grooming solutions is ideal for anyone who identifies as male. Browse branded deodorants, shaving and trimming equipment, bathing products and skincare to find the perfect additions to your daily regime.

B&M’s diverse range of cheap beauty products includes high quality items from your favourite brands.

To prevent or treat illnesses and common conditions like hayfever, colds and flu for less, check out our Health & Wellbeing section for numerous effective solutions.

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