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Mops, Sweepers & Brooms

Cheap Mops, Sweepers & Brooms

Mops and brooms are ideal for a number of floor types - particularly floorboards, laminate and tiled floors.

Whether you need that bit of extra oomph when cleaning your kitchen or you just need to top up your floor cleaning supplies on a low budget, B&M has a wide range of high quality cheap mops and sweepers available.

Visit B&M to find dustpans and brushes, wooden brooms, yard brushes, special wall-clipped sweeper designs and much more.


You’ll find a huge selection of purpose-designed dusters, including microfibre “noodle” dusters, antistatic options and even specially shaped dusters for blinds.

These versatile tools are ideal for picking up dust and leaving surfaces spotless.

Mops & Buckets

Whether you’re looking for bathroom and kitchen mops or products you can use on hardwood floors, laminates and tiles all around your home, you can pick up precisely what you need from B&M.

We offer classic mop and bucket set ups, self-wringing designs, strip mops, sponge mops, spray mops with replacement mop heads and a great many other options besides.

Simply fill the bucket or reservoir with warm water, top up with floor cleaner as per the instructions and get started!

The cheap mops, brooms, brushes and other floor cleaning products from B&M will ensure that keeping surfaces clean is as easy and affordable as possible.

What’s more, when you select your favourite air fresheners from B&M, your home can smell as fresh and clean as it looks!

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