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New Garden Range at B&M.

Household & Cleaning

Cheap Cleaning Products

Our cheap cleaning products include window and floor cleaners, dishwashing products, multipurpose cleaners, laundry detergents, air fresheners and plenty more. You’ll find a wide range of branded cleaning supplies at the best possible price when you visit B&M.

Laundry Supplies

We offer a huge selection of laundry products, such as washing powder, liquid detergent, fabric softeners and fresheners, ironing boards and covers, baskets, pegs, airers and other accessories.

You’ll find leading brands in store, including Lenor, Febreze, Persil, Fairy, Bold, Ariel, Surf and Dettol.

Dishwasher Products

Cut through grease and grime to leave dishes sparkling clean with the selection of cheap dishwashing products at B&M. You can pick up tablets, capsules and rinse aid from Fairy, Finish and Fabulosa.

Washing Up & Accessories

We provide an almost endless choice of different washing up liquid scents from brands like Fairy and Fabulosa - along with rubber gloves, scourers, scrubbing brushes, cloths, drainers and washing up bowls - helping you make each batch of washing up easier and cheaper.

Household Cleaners

You can also visit B&M to pick up everything you need for general cleaning around the house. There’s a wide variety of antibacterial surface wipes, sprays, carpet cleaners, wood polishes, toilet gels, disinfectants, glass and stainless steel cleaners and much more.

Mops, Sweepers and Brooms

There are all kinds of surface-cleaning gadgets available in our Household and Cleaning range. You can choose from stiff-bristled brooms, mops and buckets, spray mops, dusters, dustpans and brushes, silicone scrubbers for upholstery… and the list goes on!

Air Fresheners

Clear up unwanted smells and introduce lovely scents into your home with products from Air Wick, Botanica, Glade, Febreze and even Swizzels!

Household Essentials

Don’t forget all of those vital accessories and final touches that keep your household running like it should. Kitchen roll, toilet roll, tissues, squeegees, spray bottles, bin bags, vacuum bags, pedal bins, toilet roll holders and more besides can be found in our range of essentials.

Don’t spend more than necessary on high quality household cleaning supplies - B&M has everything you need to keep your home fresh, sparkling, safe and manageable.

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