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New Garden Range at B&M.

Small Pets

Shop Small Pet Products and Accessories at B&M

Visit our store today to find a range of cheap pet accessories that are perfect for your small pets! We have everything from food and treats to supplements and bedding for hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and fish.

Don't miss out on our fantastic deals on Ranger hamster cages and other essential items for your furry friends. With so much available at such affordable prices, you can easily stock up on everything you need in one go. Shop now and take the first step towards providing your small pets with the care and attention they deserve!

Small Pet Food, Straw and Bedding for a Bargain

Keep your pets cosy, comfortable and well-fed with our range of food, straw, hay and more. Animals that live in cages, hutches and runs need to be regularly cleaned out to keep up with their health, hygiene and happiness. This will also help to tackle unpleasant odours.

We offer cosy and hygienic wood shavings and gorgeous meadow hay in store, including products featuring mixed flowers, dandelions and marigolds.

There are also superb hay rollers containing delicious fruits or carrots and parsley - items that encourage your pets to get plenty of exercise and enjoy themselves, while also serving as tasty snacks for them.

Small Animal Forage, Snacks and Supplements

Dried fruits, herb mixes, nibble sticks, natural salads, hay cookies and even corn on the cob are all available to give your pet a varied range of snack foods and nutritionally balanced treats.

You can also find pond fish food sticks to keep your beautiful water-dwellers happy and nourished.

Of course, we offer plenty of food and treats for larger pets like cats and dogs too - including wet and dry options - all of which are available for excellent, budget-friendly prices. Feed your furry friends for less when you drop into B&M today.

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