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Wall Mounts, Television Aerials & TV Accessories

TV Accessories at B&M Stores

Enjoy live TV, streaming channels, game consoles, blu rays, DVDs and more with the superb products from B&M, all of which are available at the best possible price.

TV Stands, TV Wall Mounts, TV Aerials & More

A wall-mounted TV can make the viewing angle much better - and can provide you with far more options when it comes to arranging your living space.

B&M provides a selection of sturdy, subtle and affordable wall mounting equipment from top brands like Blaupunkt, along with aerial extensions and amplifiers for TV aerials to ensure that the right signal can reach you wherever you are.

You can also pick up portable projectors and DVD players, HDMI cables, specialist universal remote controls and even screen cleaning kits and backlights to keep your TV looking its best without breaking the bank.

With the wonderful selection of TV accessories from B&M, you’ll be able to achieve the best possible viewing experience at minimum effort and expense.

You can also optimize your gaming experience with B&M’s great range of affordable Gaming Accessories