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New Garden Range at B&M.


Food From Your Favourite Brands

Find the cheapest groceries available - to help you save money and stick to your food shopping budget - by browsing the wide selection of customer-approved food and drink at B&M.

With great products on offer from top brands - including Heinz, Warburton’s, McVitie’s, Batchelors, Sharwoods, Kellogg's and many more besides - you’ll be able to complete your weekly shop without overspending.

Cheap Chilled Food

Whether you’re looking for cold cooked or uncooked meats, sandwiches and ready meals, cold snacks, desserts or dairy products, you can explore the fridges at B&M to find everything you need.


In our Bakery section, you’ll find brown or white bread, bagels, crumpets and a range of other delicious baked goods to satisfy all preferences!

Breakfast Foods

However you like to start the day, B&M offers cheap food from big brands to help you enjoy the perfect breakfast. From cereal to breakfast bars to spreads for toast, you can pick up your favourites or choose something new to try!

Biscuits and Crackers

Biscuits are a firm favourite in most households. Find scrumptious digestives, party treats, crackers for cheese and popular packed lunch options in store today. There are so many options.

Table Sauces & Dressings

Pick up your favourite condiments for less at B&M - including ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, brown sauce, salad cream, vinaigrettes and syrups for dessert.

Tinned, Canned & Packaged Foods

Grab beans, tinned spaghetti, peas, pies, brownie mix, curry or pasta sauces, tuna, spreads, soups, seasonings, macaroni and cheese… you’ll find almost anything you can name that comes in a tin, box, carton or jar here at B&M.

Pasta, Rice & Noodles

B&M offers a wide range of these household staples for great prices, from spaghetti to cup ramen to numerous different rices such as basmati and long grain.

Baking Ingredients

Baking has returned as a favourite national pastime in recent years - so why not give it a go sometime soon? 

B&M has everything, from pre-made cake and brownie mixes and icing to spreads, sugar, evaporated milk, flour, eggs, baking powder and anything else you are likely to need.

So, for all the cheap groceries you need to complete your shopping list, look no further than B&M.

Don’t forget to check out our great range of Drinks too!

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