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Gadgets & Electronic Toys

Cheap Gadgets & Electronic Toys at B&M Stores

Tonnes of screen time isn’t the only option for kids who love to engage with technology. At B&M, we stock a range of budget-friendly electronic toys, including remote control gadgets and branded educational toys for both younger and older kids.

Watches for Kids

Watches are super practical accessories that help youngsters learn to be organised. Our range includes cool-looking designs from Disney and Marvel - and you can even pick up a watch that enables you to control your very own remote control car with voice commands!

Sing Along Karaoke

Does your kid love to sing? Our kids’ edition karaoke machines will help them to explore their passion and learn new songs, turning them into top performers!

Race Cars

We offer a great selection of remote control cars and RC tracks to keep youngsters engaged all day. Simply construct your track and prepare to zoom around hair-raising twists and turns!


Find high quality STEM toys for less if your kids are interested in cool technology. You can pick up awesome robots, cute early years laptops and many more educational toys to support any child’s curious nature.

Walkie Talkies

Who doesn’t love a walkie talkie set? They’re the ultimate sleepover gadget - and, with designs from Disney and Marvel, you can choose a set that suits your kids’ tastes.


Drones are the ultimate gadget. Pick one up from B&M to teach your kids important skills, including hand-eye coordination, safety and concentration.

With affordable electronic toys and gadgets for all ages, by brands ranging from Fisher Price to Zuru, B&M is the perfect place to find awesome items that your kids will love.

Love all things RC? Take a look at our range of Radio Controlled Toys today.