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Air Fresheners

Cheap Air Fresheners

Our diffusers, plugins, gels and refills serve as perfect room fresheners for all preferences. They’re all from top brands and available at the best possible price.

We also stock a wide range of car air fresheners and home fragrance sprays, so that you can enjoy wonderful scents wherever you go.

Plugin Air Fresheners

The plugin fresheners available from B&M include a diverse selection of refillable room fragrances, including fruity, floral, fresh, sweet, woody or exotic notes.

Select from favourite brands like Febreze as you shop for longer lasting scents to keep all spaces in your home smelling great.

We even have refills available that are specially designed to eradicate pet smells!

Refillable Air Fresheners

Many of the room fresheners we stock can be reused over and over again - and we even offer the products to help that happen! Refills are available for plug in, diffuser and spray fresheners, so you’ll never run out.

Car Air Fresheners

Whether you’re commuting daily or preparing for a long road trip, travelling in a vehicle is much more comfortable when the air smells fresh.

B&M regularly stocks car air fresheners to give your vehicle a lasting, pleasant smell.

Oil Diffusers

You can also pick up specially designed electrical essential oil diffusers from top brands such as Air Wick, along with refills in your choice of scents.

Simply plug in and enjoy as your room fills with a glorious scent.

Freshen up every room in the house with our excellent selection of products - all of which are available at the best possible price.

Extend the freshness to your clothes and soft furnishings by taking a look at our affordable range of Laundry products!

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