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Dog Coats, Jumpers & Clothes

Shop Dog Coats and Clothes at B&M Stores

Keep your best furry friend looking their best, while keeping them protected and comfortable throughout the seasons with B&M’s fabulous range of affordable dog clothing!

B&M has a fabulous range of affordable dog clothes to keep your furry friend protected and comfortable throughout the seasons. You'll find cheap dog coats, stylish dog outfits, and adorable apparel that your dog will love, no matter their breed or size.

What’s more, you’ll be able to splash out on these stylish products without ever going over budget, thanks to our wonderfully affordable prices.

Want to keep your pooch warm in winter? We offer gorgeous thermal items like coats so that they don’t catch a nasty chill when out on a walk. After all, the cold can affect you no matter how fluffy you are!

We also offer products to help pups in hot weather, including cooling vests and bandanas in a range of colours.

Find Budget-Friendly Dog Hoodies, Coats, Scarves and Leg Warmers

At B&M, you’ll find stylish and practical dog accessories as well as larger items of clothing. With cute scarves and leg warmers available for pups of all sizes, we offer the perfect finishing touches to keep dogs warm and fashion-forward!

Is your dog prone to nerves or anxiety? If you’re looking for an easy way to keep them calm around their triggers - from fireworks to busy streets to other pooches - you should consider picking up an affordable calming coat from B&M.

These are snug and cosy items that apply gentle pressure in all the right areas to help them feel calm and relaxed - like a hug you can wear!

If you love to treat your dog like a furry little prince or princess, you’ll undoubtedly be looking for the next exciting toy or treat that they will love. You can do this to your heart’s content without overspending thanks to the excellent range of budget-friendly Dog Toys at B&M!