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Shop Super Soft Pillowcases at B&M

It’s not just your pillow and duvet that affect the quality of your sleep - you need to find the right cases and covers to ensure ultimate comfort!

To this end, you need to make sure you invest in high-quality products that will last and remain as cosy as the first night you use them.

This doesn’t mean you have to go way over budget to find the perfect pillowcase, however! B&M has cases available in a huge array of colours - to match almost any colour palette - all available at the best possible price!

In stores today, you’ll find excellent brands like Silentnight and Simply Everyday, with pillowcases crafted from a range of fabrics, including brushed cotton and easily washable polyester.

All of our cheap pillowcases come in pairs, with low, low prices.

Pillowcases in a Range of Colours

Select from white, cream, light grey, silver, charcoal, black, sage, green, dark green, blush, red, navy, oatmeal and ochre to find the perfect pillowcase to match your B&M fitted sheets or complement the rest of your bedding and the surrounding décor of your room.

Pillow Protectors to Keep Your Pillows Fresh for Longer

Our range doesn’t stop at pillowcases - you can also pick up superb protectors in antibacterial and anti-allergy materials.

These will help to fight the inevitable wear and tear that your pillows are likely to face while keeping them hygienic and preventing your sleep from being interrupted by pesky reactions to dust mites and other household allergens.

As we mentioned above, B&M also offers high-quality fitted sheets to match your pillowcases, along with antibacterial and super cosy mattress protectors for even greater comfort and a blissful sleep all night, every night.