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Filing and Organisation

If you’re preparing for the next academic year, a range of filing solutions may come in extremely handy. After all, your youngsters are likely to bring home homework, certificates, artwork and a range of other documents - making storage supplies one of many back to school essentials.

Filing and Storage at B&M

At B&M, we provide a range of handy filing supplies to keep everything organised and in the right place.

These filing products include the files and folders themselves - including home files, display books, expanding files, lever arch files, box files and other options.

You can also pick up dividers, adhesive labels, pockets, wallets and other storage solutions to make sure all the contents of your files are easy to find.

Whether you then decide to place these filing products on shelves or in filing cabinets is totally up to you - but you can rest easy knowing that your child’s back to school supplies, artistic creations and paperwork are all organised in one place.

For more organisational tools and storage supplies, take a look at our Desk Accessories section.

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