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Cheap Collectables at B&M Stores

If you love collecting action figures, comic book merchandise, Disney toys and accessories or other fun items from big brands, B&M’s awesome range of toy collectables may be just the thing for you!

Fidget Toy Pops 

Fidget toys have skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years - so why not grab some cheap and awesome Fidget Pops in different shapes and colours (including glow in the dark!) to add to your collection?

Magni Rings The Originals

Another awesome range of fidget toys, Magni Rings will keep your hands busy and your mind clear for hours. Learn new tricks, spin, flip and twist to your heart’s content with glow in the dark, glitter, neon and super-colourful looks that you’ll love.

Fidget Cubes Series 3 

Our series 3 fidget cubes come in a whole rainbow of colours, including glowing options, and feature something different and satisfying to fiddle with on every face!

Add these to your collection of fidget toys and switch up your gadgets every day.

Nintendo Super Mario Figure

Do you love to collect comic book or video game action figures? B&M offers plenty of cheap collectables from the Super Mario series, including Yoshi, Boo, Toad and Luigi in their various different guises!

L.O.L Surprise!

LOL Surprise dolls and accessories are the ultimate collectable! These desirable toys for kids of all ages are highly affordable at B&M. From playsets and sweet carts to sports cars and present surprises, there’s an almost endless range to explore.

From fidget toys to Disney collectables, Hot Wheels products and Zuru Rainbocorns, you’ll find the perfect collectable toys for all ages at B&M.

Looking for wearable items to add to your collection? Check out our range of gorgeous branded Kids Bags & Backpacks!

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