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New Garden Range at B&M.


Shop Pet Products & Supplies at B&M Stores

Whether you own a dog, a cat, smaller pets such as hamsters, rabbits or fish - or a combination of any and all of these, you can cheap pet supplies you need to keep them fed, comfortable, healthy and happy here at B&M.

Stay in budget when you choose from a range of dog beds, B&M's cheap pet accessories, and more affordable cheap pet food.

Dog Food, Treats, Collars & Accessories for a Bargain

Shower your dog with love, treats and adorable accessories after paying a visit to B&M.

We have a brilliant selection of food from favourite brands like Bakers, Butcher's, Cesar, HiLife, Iams, Pedigree, Purina, Reward, Rufus and Webbox, as well as high-quality collars, leads and harnesses, cute clothing and engaging toys to suit every pup’s preference.

Cat Food, Litter, and Toys They’ll Love

Whether your feline friend is fussy or completely indiscriminate when it comes to their diet, you’ll find the perfect cat food in-store today.

Cleaning up after your pet will be made easier with our range of cat litter, and you can keep them entertained and well cared for with our excellent cat toys and accessories, too.

Small Pet Supplies for Your Hamsters, Rabbits and More

You can also give special treatment to your hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils and fish with our small pet products.

Why not also extend a little love to the critters in your garden and other outdoor spaces with our birds and wildlife range?

Find Great Deals on Pet Bedding, Bowls and Accessories

Pick up everything you need for your pet’s day-to-day life with our cosy bedding, bowls and mats of all sizes and super-handy accessories.

Keep Your Furry Ones Healthy

Animal healthcare and hygiene are becoming notoriously costly, and while our selection of medications and hygiene products should never replace a trip to the vet, they can certainly help to keep your pets healthy and happy and may guard against problems later down the line.

We also offer grooming products to help you keep your pets looking and feeling great without ever overspending!

Take a look at our stunning range of pet bedding - from the soft and squishy to the super stylish - right here!

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