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10 Amazing Uses for Coca-Cola You Wish You’d Known Earlier

30 August 2017

Coca-Cola is not just a go-to refreshing drink when we're in need of quenching our thirst. It actually has a lot more uses and we here at B&M think you'll be pleasantly surprised by most of them.

When we say there are more uses, we're not just talking about dropping a Mentos in a bottle and watching it fly out like a Coca-Cola volcano.

No, there are far more interesting things you can do with your bottle of Coke than just drink it, so pay close attention.

Remove Rust

Rusty bike chain


Fed up of your gates or bike rusting? Pour some coke into a little tub and dip a ball of tinfoil in. Simply apply onto the rust and watch it magically disappear.

B&M Top Tip: Give the metal a going over afterwards with soap and water to remove any of the acid and sugar.

Prevent an Asthma Attack

Caffeine in a bottle of Coca-Cola relaxes the muscles around your airways, making it easier to breathe and will eventually calm you down, preventing an asthma attack.

Warning! This does not constitute medical advice and should not replace prescribed medicine or treatment. Always seek medical advice in the event of an asthma attack.

Defrost a Frozen Windshield

Iced window


This is a simple one. Instead of waiting for your kettle to warm up, just pour some of your favourite fizzy refreshment on your car's window and easily scrape away the ice.

B&M Top Tip: Try not to let it touch the paint on the car, or let it sit there for too long. It can damage the paintwork so clear it away quickly.

Neutralize a Jellyfish Sting

You've all heard of how to prevent a jellyfish sting from hurting haven't you? Well, if you don't fancy doing it the old fashioned way, just pour some Coca-Cola on the affected area. It should act in the same way.

Cure Nausea

Feeling unwell


Is your stomach feeling a little off? Leave a can out in the open to go flat then drink it. It helps to calm down your nausea or the aches in your stomach.

Make BBQ Sauce

BBQ Sauce


Fancy something a little different for dinner? Mix a can of Coke with tomato ketchup, put it into a pan on the hob over medium heat for 6 to 8 minutes and then baste it onto your meat before cooking. You'll be surprised at how good it tastes.

Clean Old Pennies

Coca-Cola contains phosphoric acid that can be used to clean old pennies. Soak the coins in some Coke and pull out a sparkly new coin! 

Remove Chewing Gum From Hair

Soak the portion of hair that is covered in gum. For short hair, you'll need to continually keep spreading it on. After a few minutes the gum should just come right off.

Clean a Toilet

Who would have thought this was a possibility? Simply pour a bottle of Coke down the toilet and around the sides. Allow it to sit for a while, give it a quick brush and flush away all of the dirt. It's like magic!

Make an Exploding Fountain

This is the one you were thinking of this whole time wasn't it? Okay then, grab a pack of Mentos and a bottle of Diet Coke. A big bottle. Pour around six of the mints in, stand back and watch it explode into a fizzy fountain of refreshing liquid.

B&M Top Tip: Do NOT do this indoors. Make sure it is outside. It creates quite the mess.

Do you have any more fascinating uses for Coke? Share them with the B&M Community over on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Remember, these are just fun, quirky tips and shouldn't be used instead of sound advice from a medical professional. Have fun, but please take care!

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