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Ideas & Inspiration

14 February 2019 - Baby & Children, Ideas & Inspiration, Inspire Me, What's Trending

World Book Day 2019: The Best Kids Costumes & Books

With World Book Day just around the corner, it's time to choose your costume, and the book you're reading. Struggling to pick? Take a look at B&M's big ideas!

13 February 2019 - How to, Ideas & Inspiration, What's Trending

Pancake Day 2019 - Everything You’ll Need for a Flippin’ Great Time

Getting ready for pancake day 2019? Take a look at B&M’s Pancake Day checklist to discover everything you’ll need to make it a flipping success!

04 February 2019 - Ideas & Inspiration, Saving Money

Valentine's Day on a Budget? Treat Your Partner for Under £15

Struggling to come up with gift ideas for Valentine's Day? Worry no more; B&M are here to show you how to have a special day for less than £15!

28 January 2019 - Home, Ideas & Inspiration, Top Tips & Tricks

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Make in a Slow Cooker

Run out of recipes for your slow cooker? There are so many more possibilities! Here are a few dishes many people don’t realise a crock pot can achieve.

18 January 2019 - Ideas & Inspiration, Inspire Me, What's Trending

10 Unique Gift Ideas for that Special Someone this Valentine's Day

Looking for a way to prove your love with a gift this Valentine’s Day? Don’t be predictable – find something unique this year with B&M's help.

11 January 2019 - Health & Wellbeing, Ideas & Inspiration, Inspire Me

4 Amazing UK Walks to Keep You Active in 2019

What better way to start the new year than by sampling some fresh air and going on long walks in the countryside? Check out these amazing long walks.

08 January 2019 - DIY & Decorating, Home, Ideas & Inspiration, What's Trending

New Year, New Look: Creative Ways to Brighten Up Boring Wall Space

The walls of your living spaces can really make a difference to how you feel in your home. Give them a new lease of life with these decorating tips from B&M.

04 January 2019 - Health & Wellbeing, Ideas & Inspiration, Inspire Me

Make it Through Dry January With These Mocktails & Smoothies!

Kick off the new year the right way with a dry January! Drop the alcohol for the first month of 2019 and feel healthier as a result. Here are some delicious mocktails for you to try in the meantime.