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2 Step Wallpaper Buying Guide - How Many Rolls Do You Need?


When you're in the middle of your DIY project, the last thing you want is to run out of wallpaper. So to make sure you get it right first time, B&M's wallpaper experts have put together this handy roll calculator. It'll help you find out how many rolls of wallpaper you'll need for your next project, so you can finish the job seamlessly with no interruptions.

1. Measure your room

You might have the perfect style and colour in mind for your room, but before you make the trip to your local B&M you'll need to whip out the tape measure:

• Total measurement around the room – this includes windows and doors. Make the edge of a door or window your starting point when measuring.

• Wall height measurement – if you have a skirting board, this measurement should go from the top of the skirting up to where the wall meets the ceiling (or border rail).

B&M Top Tip: for large rooms, use a pencil to mark various intervals while measuring, writing on the wall the measurement up to that point. That way if you lose your place you can go back to the most recent measurement without starting from scratch!

2. Refer to the B&M calculator table

Now for the easy bit. Simply check your room measurements against our convenient roll calculator table and make a note of how many suggested rolls you'll need.

Remember! The table is meant to be used as a guide only. Roll usage can depend on the pattern repeat of your chosen wallpaper so it's best to over-estimate than to be caught short.

Batch Numbers

When manufacturers produce wallpaper, they do so in batches. As a result, each batch has its own unique number. It's the same wallpaper, but sometimes differences in colour can occur betwen each batch.

So it's important that each roll of wallpaper you buy for your swanky new boudoir has the same batch number. This ensures you get consistency in colour and pattern from one roll to the next.

This makes using B&M's roll calculator vital when it comes to your next project. The last thing you need is to head back to your local store to find out the batch number you need is out of stock!

B&M Top Tip: don't just pick up the first roll you see and head for the checkout! You'll find the batch number on the wallpaper roll's label; it's worth checking to avoid shade variances between rolls.

Wallpaper Symbols

Not only can B&M calculate for you, we can also translate! Our symbol chart below will explain everything, revealing whether your wallpaper is washable, wether it needs to be offset or if it's peelable when coming to remove.

Have a handy DIY tip of your own? Share your wallpapering expertise with our followers, or why not send us a snap of how your latest decorating project is coming along? Show off your brand new room on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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