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How To Videos

20 Jul 2018

Recipe: Summer Lagoon Cocktails

You can take home the taste of summer with these gorgeous adult cocktails! They're really simple to make - and even nicer to drink!

29 Jun 2018

Recipe: Make Your Own World Cup Sharing Dips

If you love dips and football then this is the perfect recipe for you during the World Cup!

26 Jun 2018

Lego Disney Frozen – How to do Elsa's Ice Magic

WATCH this incredible how-to video and perform your own magical ice spells! Just like Disney Frozen's Queen Elsa!

22 Jun 2018

Recipe: Pizza Toast

If you're a lover of pizza and toast then combine the two together, with your own toppings, for a delicious treat!

15 Jun 2018

Recipe: Baked Bean Curry

Do you love baked beans? Do you love curry? Well take a look at this delicious recipe!

08 Jun 2018

Recipe: How to Make Giant Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

Dust down your kitchen counter and pre-heat your oven...this ice cream cookie recipe has taken giant desserts to a whole new level!

05 Jun 2018

Recipe: Wimbledon Cocktail Recipe

Do you love rum and fruit? Fantastic! Watch the video the find out how to make a Wimbledon Cocktail.

30 May 2018

Recipe: How-to Make Reese's Cheesecake

Love Reese's chocolate? Love cheesecake? I think you know where this is going...WATCH our how-to video recipe for a truly indulgent peanut butter dessert.