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Product Videos

29 Apr 2024

Mini Verse Appliances

All New Mini Appliances that actually work! Use these appliances to help you make, set, and display your favourite Mini Verse Make It Mini Food™ Beverages.

23 Apr 2024

Rainbow High Swim Dolls | B&M Stores

Rainbow High Fashion Doll brand is a one-of-a-kind toy brand that inspires kids to be one-of-kind with colourful, distinct and inclusive styles.

21 Apr 2024

Spring Bedroom Makeover

Spring is finally here - so we've upgraded our bedroom to usher in some new vibes! We've got everything you need to re-decorate, re-design and re-invigorate your bedroom; all at a bargain price!

18 Apr 2024

Cupboard Organisation

Do you ever feel like your kitchen cupboards are just not big enough, or you can never find what you're looking for? Our huge range of handy and stylish kitchen organisers help create a clutter-free kitchen.

11 Apr 2024

Snack & Drink Cups

Movie night just got an upgrade! And the best thing is - you can fill it with just about anything!

03 Apr 2024

Pokémon Electric Charge Pikachu Toy | B&M Stores

Introducing the Pokémon Electric Charge Pikachu Toy. Charge up your Pokémon training with Pikachu!

03 Apr 2024

Sleeping Pokemon 18" Plush Toy - Assorted

Choose to snooze with your own Pokémon Sleeping Plush, an adorable 18" plush toy for kids.

03 Apr 2024

Pokémon Train & Play Deluxe Pikachu Toy | B&M Stores

Introducing the Pokémon Train & Play Deluxe Pikachu Toy for kids.