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Top Tips & Tricks

31 July 2018 - Garden & Outdoor, Top Tips & Tricks

Tips for Keeping Your Garden Fresh During the Summer Heatwave

With many UK areas being affected by a summer heatwave, we look at ways to keep your garden fresh during summer by using as little water as possible.

27 July 2018 - Garden & Outdoor, Saving Money, Top Tips & Tricks

How You Can Save Water (& Money!) in the Event of a Hosepipe Ban

Being thrifty with our water supply is more important than ever. Here are a few helpful tips on how to save water - and cash!

26 July 2018 - Garden & Outdoor, Pets, Top Tips & Tricks

How to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

Spare a thought for your canine companion this summer who might be suffering due to the heat. Here are a few things you can do to keep your hot dog much cooler during warm weather.

06 July 2018 - Garden & Outdoor, Top Tips & Tricks

Tennis for Beginners: How to Become the Next Federer or Serena

Have you been loving Wimbledon as much as we have? Check out these useful tips to help you become the next Federer or Serena.

05 July 2018 - Garden & Outdoor, Pets, Top Tips & Tricks

5 Top Tips for Helping Birds During Hot Weather

How do you keep wild birds happy and healthy during the hot weather? We asked our B&M experts, the Pet team, for their top tips!

04 July 2018 - Baby & Children, Home, How to, Ideas & Inspiration, Inspire Me, Top Tips & Tricks

How to Throw a Superhero Themed Kids Birthday Party

Running out of ideas for your next kids birthday party? B&M are here to save the day! Check out these amazing ideas for a superhero birthday party they'll never forget!

20 June 2018 - Home, Top Tips & Tricks

Declutter for Summer: Top Storage Tips for a Tidy Home

Is your house looking a bit of a mess? If you didn’t manage to get a spring clean done, why not declutter for summer? We have plenty of hints and tips for those thinking of getting their house in ship shape during the summer months.

08 June 2018 - Health & Wellbeing, Top Tips & Tricks

British Heart Week: 4 Simple Steps to A Healthier You

In the UK, someone dies every 3 minutes from cardiovascular disease. Take a look at our top tips that you can start RIGHT NOW for a healthier lifestyle.