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Top Tips & Tricks

16 February 2018 - Home, Ideas & Inspiration, Lifestyle, Top Tips & Tricks

5 Ways to Keep Your Home Toasty in February

Read our guide to making your home warm and cosy without turning up the thermostat. With our range of winter goods, including fur throws, electric blankets and the fluffiest unicorn slippers, winter is well wrapped up at B&M!

15 February 2018 - Home, Top Tips & Tricks

8 Amazing Tips for Tackling Your Laundry Mountain

Are you fighting a losing battle against the laundry at home? Well fear not, as B&M are here with some wonderful tricks to help you overcome your mountain of washing!

07 February 2018 - Garden & Outdoor, How to, Top Tips & Tricks

Get Ready for Spring: 4 Simple Tips for Preparing Your Garden

Looking forward to sunnier days and longer evenings? Check out our top tips for preparing your garden for spring planting.

31 January 2018 - Home, Top Tips & Tricks

The Best of B&M's Big Clean Event

Tired of the ever-growing pile of laundry and dishes? B&M's Big Clean Event is now on in-store - take a look at our top picks from our range of fantastic cleaning products!

27 January 2018 - Health & Wellbeing, How to, Top Tips & Tricks

6 Simple Tips for Shifting Holiday Weight

Indulged a bit too much over Christmas and New Year? Want to shed some of those extra pounds? Check out these top lifestyle tips to help you on your way to a healthier you.

26 January 2018 - Baby & Children, Health & Wellbeing, Top Tips & Tricks

Guest Post: 10 Things Nobody Tells First Time Mums (But Should!)

If you're expecting, you'll no doubt be a little anxious about your new arrival. Family lifestyle blogger Jenny tells us what she wishes she knew before she went into labour!

24 January 2018 - Health & Wellbeing, Ideas & Inspiration, Inspire Me, Top Tips & Tricks

Tips for Sticking to Your New Year’s Fitness Routine

It’s so easy to skip the gym as we lurch towards the end of January, but here’s some tips to help stick to your new fitness routine so you end up feeling good and looking great!

19 January 2018 - Baby & Children, Health & Wellbeing, Saving Money, Top Tips & Tricks

Guest Post: Tips for Surviving on a Budget on Maternity Leave

Family lifestyle and personal finance blogger Emma Maslin has given us her top tips for getting through parenthood on a low income.