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10 Of The Best Valentines Gifts For Her

09 February 2017

Valentines day to girls is one of the most special days of the year - they want to be spoilt and adored. But, not in the typical way where they expect mountains of material things. It is the smaller, more thoughtful things that really count when it comes to showing your loved one how much you appreciate them. Here are ten ideas that you are guaranteed to love that most definitely won’t break the bank.


One really good gift idea is getting your partner some new pyjamas. These are the kinds of things that girls don’t tend to invest in themselves, but definitely need. A fresh pair of pyjamas is an amazing gift where you don’t need to go overboard. Something small and meaningful like this will go a long way on Valentines Day.

Date Night Fund

This has to be one of the more thoughtful gifts that you can get your partner. Not only is this an added accessory to the house hold, but it also has a lot of meaning behind it. This date night fund money box looks great and helps you both save up for the special nights together. There are a lot on the high-street, but B&M sells a great heart-shaped box that is simple but looks extremely effective.

Gin Garden

A lot of our partners are gin fanatics. So, what better way to celebrate Valentines day than to get them the best bits to make their gin first class? There are a range of different kits online that you can choose from. This won’t break the bank, but will put a smile on your girlfriends face!

Bath Bombs

We all know that its the little things that count. By getting your partner bath bombs, or different bath products it means they will have some more time for themselves. There is nothing they will love more than a little pamper session… and this is exactly what they need to get this started!


Sometimes, all a girl needs is some Prosecco! This is an amazing idea if you are struggling with what to get. Even make a night out of it and cook her some food too! It is small gestures like this that will really show your loved one how appreciated she actually is. So, an ice cold bottle of Prosecco is the perfect gift!

Letter Lights

This is the perfect idea if you have moved in together. These letters are guaranteed to brighten up any room! All you need are the initials to your first names and you can truly transform any space in the house. These lights bring a room life and make it warm, magical and enchanting! You can buy them from many different places online - so get looking for the best deal!


Another really thoughtful gift is getting a selection of candles. These are the perfect kind of presents when you want your partner to have some ‘me time’ - or to set the mood when you have some time together. There are a huge selection of candles, but to buy a bundle of matching candles then go to B&M. The range of candles here are all matching with amazing scents and cute quotes printed on them.

Message In A Bottle

This is a smaller gift that will show your partner how much you love her. The best part about this is that you can choose the message that goes inside. There are a lot of variations on this idea - you can have a single message, quote or even write a letter to go inside. Either way, this small symbol of your appreciation will make an amazing Valentines Day present.

Photo Frame

Even something as simple as a framed photo of the two of you can be one of the most thoughtful gifts. This seems really small, but it really does show the amount of thought you have put into this special day. If there’s a particular picture she loves of the two of you, then all you need to do is purchase a frame to put this in. There are plenty of valentines-themed frames - then all you need to do is print off your favourite picture!

‘Why I Love You’ Fortune Cookies

Fortune Cookies are a typical extra you get when you go to the Chinese. However, if you take this classic idea and replace the ‘fortune’ inside with a ‘Reason Why I Love You’ then you have the perfect valentines gift. There are a lot of places that do things like this online, however there are ways around making your own.