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10 Pocket Money Toys for Under £10

13 March 2017

We’ve all been there, your child has been invited to a birthday party and you have no idea what to buy as a gift! You don’t want to spend a lot, but what can a few quid really buy these days? Here in the B&M office, we’ve had a look through some of our toys under £10, to make sure your birthday presents for kids are something they REALLY want.

Want even more for your buck? We also have a wide variety of toys and games in our two for £15 section!


Junior Laptop - £6.99

Junior Laptop

If, like thousands of other parents, you work from home on occasion, you’ll be familiar with the rigmarole of stopping your little angel from grabbing / crawling on / defacing your laptop. Well worry no more! This fabulous junior laptop is perfect for keeping little hands occupied, and enables them to learn the alphabet and numbers through lights and sounds.


Minion Walkie Talkies - £9.99

Minion Walkie Talkies

These Minion Walkie Talkies are great for siblings, friends and classmates. Kids will delight in chatting with their pal in a different part of the house or across the field. Warning: mischievous plans may be a direct result of these walkie talkies!


Toy Story Aqua Blaster - £2.99

As a kid, wasn’t summer just made for water fights outside? Well, with this Toy Story Aqua Blaster, your child will be the least-soaked one there - good news for them, great news for you!


Dinosaur Figure Set - £4.99

Your child can travel back in time to prehistoric times with these cool dinosaur figurines! Each figurine is expertly painted to look like a real dinosaur, and the pack includes the terrifying t-rex, a sturdy stegosaurus and a brainy brachiosaurus.


Foam Pirate Sword - £1.00

Foam Pirate Sword

Priced at just one pound, this foam pirate sword is perfect for little pirates in the making! It’s great for pirate dressing up and play fighting, and the super soft foam material means it’s safe too.


BBQ Playset - £9.99

BBQ Playset

Summer’s on its way and that means only one thing… BBQs! With this BBQ playset your little one can get in on the fun, and make some delicious (plastic) food that the whole family can enjoy.


Minnie Mouse Remote Control Baby Car - £9.99

Minnie Mouse Remote Control Car

If your little girl is ready for her first car, but she’s about 14 years too young to drive, buy her this Minnie Mouse Remote Control Baby Car. Its remote control is great for teaching tots about direction, and the cute design is perfect for little girls who love pink.


Cinderella Styling Head - £9.99

Cinderella Styling Head

Your little ones will love this Cinderella Styling Head. Not only will they be able to brush her hair, they’ll be able to style it too! The set includes a tiara, hair brush, barrettes, hair clips, hair twists and elastics.


Kids Dinosaur Costume - £9.99

Dinosaur Costume

If your child has always wanted to be a dinosaur, make their dream come true with this kids dinosaur dressing up costume. They can choose to be a carnivorous t-rex or a peaceful triceratops, but there’s one thing guaranteed - you’ll probably have to bribe them out of it when it’s bed time!


Build Your Own Racing Car - £9.99

Build Your Own Car

Mechanics in the making will love this Build Your Own Racing Car kit. The set comes with a working screwdriver (don’t worry it’s not sharp!), as well as an interchangeable body kit, engine, wheels and a spoiler.


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