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10 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

02 February 2018

Valentine's Day with B&M
Now that February is upon us, it might have occurred to you that Valentine’s Day 2018 is coming up pretty soon. If not, it’s a good thing we’re reminding you so early!
Are you struggling to think up ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day? B&M understands it can be tough to think of original date ideas and keep the romance alive when you’re both busy. Luckily, we’ve put together some fun ways to celebrate the most intimate day of the year that you will both enjoy.
Read on, and soon you’ll soon be sweeping your significant other off their feet. Just don’t leave it too late to organise something suitably lovey-dovey!

Surprise your partner when they get home

Valentine's Day with B&M
They do say “home is where the heart is”, but it can be difficult to think up original ways of how to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home. Perhaps try setting the table for a candlelit dinner, drop a trail of rose petals leading from the front door or even decorating the lounge with balloons and candles? Our Love Balloon is perfect for getting your home ready to surprise your partner.

Candlelit Dinner

Speaking of candlelit dinners, there’s nothing quite like setting the ambience at home if you’re planning to stay in. A few candles dotted about can really set the tone. A few of our printed Valentine's Day candles would certainly be a good start.

Make Pizza from Scratch

Valentine's Day with B&M
You’ve got the ambience right, but what are you going to make for dinner? Instead of getting a takeaway or ready meal, it’s nice to make something together. Pizza is super easy and really fun too, and whatever topping you choose, make sure you serve up the slices on our adorable Pizza Plates.

Go to a Wine or Beer Tasting

Valentine's Day with B&M

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with your boyfriend or girlfriend? A fun date idea is to take them to a local beer tasting and try a few different craft beers. If they prefer wine, there are always local wine tastings, but just remember you don’t have to drink every single one!

Have a Night on the Town

Valentine's Day with B&M

Why not go for a well-needed night out on the town? Get dressed up to go out for a meal at a top restaurant, or perhaps your favourite bar or pub. Once you’re both dressed up to the nines, don’t forget a little spritz of aftershave or perfume, like our sweetly intoxicating Agent Provocateur.

Go Walking in the Countryside Valentine's Day with B&M

If you’re both lucky enough to have Valentine’s Day to spend together, why not venture out into the countryside? A breath of fresh air might be just what you both need and if you stay later on, you might even get the chance to gaze up at a starry sky before heading home.

A Relaxed Pamper Evening

Feeling a little run down? Treat yourselves to a very relaxed pamper evening. You could start off by running a bath with our Radox Calendula & Rose Bath Soak and don some face masks to really revitalise yourselves.

Try a Couples Dance Class

Valentine's Day with B&M
If you’re thinking of doing something completely different and are looking for a fun night out, why not try a couple's dance class? You might both have two left feet but that doesn’t mean you can’t hit the dancefloor together and pretend you’re Fred and Ginger for a night.

Have a Romantic Night or Weekend Away

Valentine's Day with B&M
You don’t have to go too far, but a romantic night or weekend away is always a fun way to spend Valentine’s Day. Book into a hotel or AirBnB and discover a new town or city together. Make sure to leave plenty of time to pack, and using our Excel Suitcase you can pack all the essentials without leaving anything behind.

Watch a film at the Cinema

Valentine's Day with B&M

Sometimes it’s best not to overcomplicate things. Keep it simple and go and see a Valentine’s Day movie together. If there’s nothing appropriately smushy at your local cinema then stay home and find an old classic like Pretty Woman or The Notebook. Last but not least, don’t forget to buy a Valentine’s Day card! We’ve got a huge range to choose from, so head to your local B&M while you have time!

Now that you’ve got plenty of inspiration, it's time to go and organise the perfect Valentine’s Day evening! Let us know how your date goes by sending a photo using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and we’ll happily share it with the B&M Community.


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