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10 Ways to Protect Your Skin During the Winter Cold

12 September 2021

Keep your skin feeling healthy and hydrated throughout the winter months with this B&M guide. Learn how to protect your skin during the winter cold with tips like:

  • Stock up on Sunscreen
  • Invest in a Humidifier
  • Moisturise Daily
  • Protect Yourself from Wind
  • Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate!
  • Don’t Overheat
  • Take Supplements
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Use Lip Balm and Hand Cream
  • Cater to Your Skin Type

The winter months come with harsh winds and frosty temperatures that are cruel to skin and force us to wrap up or switch on the central heating, sapping our body’s natural hydration.

Because of this, cold weather can cause dry skin and exacerbate existing skin conditions. In this article, the team at B&M offer some handy winter skincare tips, revealing how to protect your skin during the winter cold.

1. Stock up on Sunscreen

It’s easy to fall into a false sense of security when it comes to protecting your skin in the winter months. But cold, dry, cloudless days are just as dangerous as summer weather when it comes to UV rays.

Not only can sun cream help to prevent skin cancer, but it also fights the signs of aging by serving as a barrier to stop the UV damaging your skin. Grab a small bottle to carry with you.

B&M Top Tip: Look for a general day cream that contains UV filters.

2. Invest in a Humidifier

Many winter skin problems are actually caused by dry air from your indoor heating system. Counteract this by picking up an affordable humidifier.

B&M Top Tip: These handy items come in a range of designs to suit their surroundings.

3. Moisturise Daily

Replenish your skin’s natural oils by regularly moisturising.

B&M Top Tip: Always moisturise after showers and baths.

4. Protect Yourself from Wind

Cold wind can cause dry, cracked skin. Layer up and wear a scarf, gloves and thick socks to stay warm and well-shielded.

5. Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate!

Dead skin can be a real problem in winter. Exfoliate regularly to keep pores clear and skin feeling super soft and smooth.

B&M Top Tip: Don’t overdo it, as this can cause damage. Gentle exfoliants are best for sensitive skin.

6. Don’t Overheat

As tempting as it is, don’t swelter in too many layers or bathe in super hot water. This can cause you to overheat and lose more water.

7. Take Supplements

Vitamin D is great for your skin. It comes from sunlight, something that is rare in winter. Take vitamin D supplements regularly to stay nourished.

8. Stay Hydrated

We know that hot baths, cold wind, warm clothing and central heating can cause dehydration. Counteract that by drinking around 3 litres of water daily.

9. Use Lip Balm and Hand Cream

Our lips and hands can really suffer in the cold. Regularly moisturise your hands and lips to keep skin healthy.

B&M Top Tip: Use vitamin enriched balms and creams for best results.

10. Cater to Your Skin Type

Do you have sensitive skin? Dry skin? Oily skin? Use specially designed products to leave your skin feeling great.

Use this guide on how to protect your skin during the winter cold to feel and look great in all temperatures!

Check our B&M’s skincare section to find affordable products for your skin type. 

Do you have any winter skincare tips of your own? Share them with the B&M Community via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

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