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3 Weeks Until Christmas: What Needs to be Done

04 December 2017

How’s everyone’s Christmas to do list coming along? Our Christmas countdown here is showing just three weeks to go until the big day - which means that the Christmas shopping has well and truly commenced. There’s a Christmas market stall on every bit of pavement, and we’re indulging in the occasional mulled wine!

But with such a short amount of time to go until the 25th of December, there’s also lots to be done. Here’s a handy collection of things to tick off your list, to help you get ready for Christmas!

Christmas tree 

Stock up on wrapping paper

Hands up who doesn’t want to be stood in a round-the-corner queue to get your last minute wrapping essentials on Christmas Eve? Avoid the rush and purchase your wrapping paper, gift boxes and gift tags before everyone else decides to - you might even bag some super-cool paper that would have been out of stock if you’d waited.


Get decorating!

Yay! The fun part's finally here - time to get the decorations out! Here at B&M, we have a HUGE selection of Christmas decorations to choose from, all at low prices (meaning you can go a bit over the top!). 

Plan the games

We all love a good old Christmas game - but don’t leave it too late to go out and buy a new one! We think this I’m A Celeb board game is perfect for the whole family, and makes a great gift for someone who just can’t get enough of the show.

Christmas lights

Start thinking about the table

If you’re in charge of cooking the Christmas dinner, now’s the time to start thinking about how you’re going to set up the table. If you’re planning to go all-out fancy, we strongly recommend buying your Christmas table decorations now - before the mad rush.

B&M Top Tip: We think that this Christmas placemat and coaster set is perfect for the big day - and stops the tablecloth getting too messy too!

Make whatever Christmas food you can freeze

Anything that you can make in advance and freeze, do so. This will take a big chunk of the stress away from Christmas Day, and will mean you’ll be spending less time in the kitchen, and more time with your family.

B&M Top Tip: Foods that can be frozen include mince pies, gravy, bread sauce and cookies.

Christmas bauble

Buy your alcohol

Obviously Christmas is a time when many people enjoy a tipple or three - so beat the rush and buy your Christmas alcohol now. It’s better to buy a range of drinks if you’re catering to a few guests - lager, wine, vodka and gin are always popular over the festive period.

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