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5 Easy Home Makeover Tips Using D-C-Fix Self Adhesive

10 May 2018

Looking to re-invent your home on a budget? Don't have the time to paint or wallpaper? B&M’s range of D-C-Fix sticky back plastic has you covered.

Decorate windows and patio doors, re-design your placemats, jazz-up your jewellery boxes or slap some style on your stationery…the possibilities are endless!

Here are 5 amazing (and really easy!) ways to transform your home on a budget with D-C-Fix premium vinyl coverings

Windows & Shower Screens

Not only does the Jalousie film offer a cool look to kitchens and bathrooms, but it gives you increased privacy without compromising on incoming light.

If you’re after something more decorative, add the Alba design to patio doors and windows. The static cling window film prevents up to 95% of UV light and helps stop furniture and carpets from fading over time.

Placemats & Coasters

Vinyl coverings are commonly used for work surfaces and furniture, but did you know they can be used for decorative ornaments and home accessories?

With just a roll of D-C-Fix Rio Ocean adhesive film you can transform tired old placemats and coasters into fresh new dining essentials!

What’s more, the self-adhesive film is durable, wipe clean and water and heat resistant up 75°C – a cheap alternative that will really last!

Drawer Fronts & Stationery

Organisation is key to a happy (orderly) home. Revive those ‘same-old’ drawer fronts with sleek Black Leather adhesive film and give your bedroom or office a cool new look.

Without breaking the bank, you can bring life to your study or workspace: why not use D-C-Fix to cover files, stationery boxes, mouse mats or pencil pots?

Jewellery Boxes

Take just one look across the latest interior design trends and you’ll see marble everywhere! So we couldn’t finish a home makeover blog without showing off the Cortes Brown adhesive film.

Perfect for jewellery and storage boxes, you don’t need to splash out on expensive home accessories. Just glam-up your existing collection with D-C-Fix. And the best thing is it’s fully removable, meaning you can chop and change in order to keep ahead of the latest trends!


A low cost way of decorating your home, apply Ally static cling window film to glass coffee tables and shelves for a modern, sophisticated new look!

B&M Top Tip: Our how-to apply video will walk you through the process! Don't forget you'll need the D-C-Fix Application Kit to ensure eveything goes smoothly! Just £2.99 at your local B&M store.

Have you been busy revamping your home with D-C-Fix? Show the B&M Community just how easy and cost-effective it is to give your home a new lease of life. Share your photos on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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