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5 Simple & Delicious Picnic Recipes

16 July 2020


One of the best things about summer is enjoying days out with your family, spending time in the great outdoors and getting some fresh air.

While on your day out, you’ll more than likely pack a picnic for you and the kids to fill up on.

Are you a little bored of the same old sandwiches and snacks, though? Well check out these recipes, so you can add a little more taste to the experience!

Lemon Squash Scones


Love scones? These basic scones get a zesty makeover, with the addition of lemon squash, mascarpone and lemon curd.

Very easy to prepare, and only takes around 15 minutes to bake.

Recipe via taste.

Fennel-Spiced Sausage Plait


This fennel-spiced sausage plait is a grown-up take on everyone's favourite picnic snack. Made with an added kick of chilli and mustard with a crunch of sesame, this makes for a comforting outdoor treat.

Recipe via Olive Magazine.

Kiddy Sushi Rolls


Try and get your kids to eat something a little healthier during the picnic with these Sushi Rolls. Fill a wrap with tuna, mayonnaise and some vegetables for a tasty, filling meal.

Recipe via Made for Mums.

Chocolate Fairy Cakes


With the kids eating all of their healthy Sushi Rolls (hopefully!) you can now give them a little treat with these Chocolate Fairy Cakes.

Simple to make, with only around 20 minutes needed to bake, they’re ideal for a sugary, tasty snack while sampling the outdoors.

Recipe via Made for Mums.

Mini Picnic Frittatas


These Mini Picnic Frittatas are really quick to whip up as a last minute picnic treat. Make a large batch and then enjoy with your family while taking in the scenic views around you.

With just a few ingredients needed, and only 15 minutes to bake, you’ll love making these for the kids.

Recipe via Olive Magazine.

Do you have any special picnic recipes that you tend to use? If so, let the B&M community know on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!