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5 Tips for Making Your Scented Candle Last Longer

06 November 2018

It’s fair to say that scented candles have become an integral fixture of our home décor, adding a decorative touch to living rooms while infusing our homes with fragrances that can revitalise or relax, depending on our mood.

But how do you get even more from your scented candles? What have you been doing ‘wrong’ this whole time? And why do you need to keep a trim wick? Read on for some top tips for getting the most out of your candle!

Don’t Burn Out

Burn your candle for 2-4 hours at a time for optimal performance. Burning your candle any longer than four hours can damage the wick and cause the flame to get too big – you can see why a large open flame in your home may be dangerous!

Look After Your Wick and Your Wick Will Look After You

Taking care of the wick is vital if you want to make your candle last. Before you light your candle, make sure the wick is trimmed to about 1cm in height and that any wick trimmings have been removed from where the liquid wax pools. If the wick is too long your candle is more likely to start smoking – the exact opposite effect you want from your scented candle!

B&M Top Tip: it may seem obvious but it’s worth repeating…never leave your candle unattended! Especially if you have small children or pets who could accidentally touch the flame or knock the candle over.

The First Burn is Vital

The first time is always the most important. New (or previously unused) candles need to burn long enough so that the melting wax spreads all the way to the edge of the holder or container. Not burned for long enough, and you can get a ‘tunnelling’ effect where the wick burns down but leaves steep walls of wax, making it difficult to light the wick next time.

Work on the rule of 1 hour burn time for every inch of the holder’s diameter. So if your candle is 2 inches in diameter, your first burn should be approximately 2 hours.

Keep Your Light out of the Light

Candles are the source of their own heat and light, which is why we enjoy having them in our homes through winter. But they will fade if left in direct sunlight so keep them away from window sills and parts of the house that receive the sun’s rays.

Save Your Breath  –  Don't Blow it Out

“Don’t blow? How else do you put out a candle!?” It’s a good question and luckily there’s a good answer too!

Using raw lung-power to extinguish your candle can spray unwanted wax everywhere (even onto your face) and often leaves unpleasant smoke. Better to use a candle snuffer to ensure a cleaner, tidier experience. You could even use an old pair of pliers to bend the lit wick into the wax to put the flame out, before straightening again for the next use.

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