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5 Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained on Long Car Journeys

04 May 2017

As we edge closer to warmer months, jittery parents across the nation are nervously anticipating the arrival of the summer holidays and the long journeys to visit friends, family and destinations abroad. The travel games for kids may have been exhausted, and there’s only so much Eye Spy you can take – so what other things can you do to keep the atmosphere calm when you’re on the road?

To reduce the amount of times “I’m bored!” and “Are we nearly there yet?” are shouted from the back seat, we’ve got a bumper list of things you can do to keep your kiddos happy while you get on with the important job of actually reaching your destination.

1.     Laptop learning

in car entertainment for kids B&M

In car entertainment for toddlers is all about gadgets and little ones will love this laptop aimed at learning. This introduces youngsters to alphabets, shapes and numbers, and has a mouse like a real computer – all good training for the IT skills needed as they get older! This comes in three designs, hippo, cow and piggy. This kit is so sturdy that you’re also not very likely to be called in for IT support!

2.     Get educational

in car entertainment for kids B&M

School’s out, but a long car journey is a great opportunity to catch up on some learning. We love these Lett’s educational books, which sees Wizard Whimstaff’s blend of fun combine with curriculum-based activities to enchant and educate young learners. Children work towards attaining a Wizard’s Trophy of Excellence at the end of the book. It should pass an hour or two at least! 

3. On a roll with Paw Patrol!

in car entertainment for kids B&M

How cool are these little Paw Patrol backpacks? Kids will love these fun packs that are available in Marshall, Skye and Chase. With an activity roll to keep little ones busy with, as well as a pack of crayons, there is even space to put some little keepsakes, making it the perfect travel companion for children.

4. For your little bookworm

in car entertainment for kids B&Min car entertainment for kids B&M

B&M have a huge range of children’s books to choose from. Our picks, The My Little Pony Early Reader Book and Paw Patrol Story Book, will keep new readers entertained with stories of their heroes’ adventures. We also stock board books, Disney stories and the Peppa Pig and Horrid Henry series.

5.     Mystery gift

in car entertainment for kids B&M
When all else fails, you can use the allure of a mystery gift to keep kids well behaved at the back. At an appropriate time, unveil the present – this will make the kids delighted at the chance of having a new toy and will also keep them busy. We are loving the Talking Tom in store at the moment. This moggy repeats everything you say with a funny voice. Get your kids to pet his body or head to make him purr, poke his head, belly or feet and even grab his tail to hear up to 14 actual sounds from the Talking Tom app.

What are your tips for travelling with children? Share them with the B&M community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and help out anxious parents across the UK!





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