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5 Ways to Keep Your Home Toasty in February

16 February 2018

It may only be 28 days long, but February is the month where you tend to start thinking that the winter may be neverending. We’ve had quite the cold snap over the past few months with a lot of snow, sleet and rain belting down day and night. All this cold weather can play havoc with our heating bills, and with gas prices at an all-time high, using the boiler day and night is not going to be kind on your wallet.

So with this in mind, we’ve decided to look at ways to make your home cosier without notching up the thermostat.

Draught excluders

Keep your home toasty with B&M

You may remember your granny having a couple of draught excluders around the house. Central heating works overtime when houses are not adequately insulated, and door ways and windows are the biggest cuprits of letting in cold air. Draught excluders do an amazing job of blocking cold wind that blows in from outside. And if you don’t believe us, buy one and put them down against your draughtiest door and see how effective they are.

Pimp your Sofa

Keep your home toasty with B&M


When it comes to sofas, the minimalist look will not do you any favours. When you’re lounging, you get cold a lot more easily, therefore it should be a place where you can snuggle up and keep warm. To make your sofa as toasty as possible, we recommend velvets, velour and faux fur. Take a look at out incredibly snuggly faux fur throws and cushions to make your sofa the ultimate refuge on a cold night.


Keep your home toasty with B&M

It’s not fun getting into a freezing cold bed at the end of a long day. That’s why we love getting the electric blanket out every winter. Lay it out across you mattress, switch it on 30 minutes before your bedtime, and sink into a bed that is fit for a king or queen. This delivers instant cosiness, and will keep away the chill for the whole night.

Keep your Feet Warm

Keep your home toasty with B&M

It’s so important not to neglect the floor! With the trends for wooden floors still strong, it’s easy to forget how cold rooms can become. This is why we’re big fans of our shaggy rug which is available in five colours, and is great for helping to keep lounges and rooms warm in deepest, darkest winter. And don’t forget to treat your toes to some cosy, warm slippers, like our Unicorn Snuggle Slippers.

Extra heat

Keep your home toasty with B&M

Any rooms where you need an extra boost of heat will benefit from the Beldray Convector Heater. The heat is then transferred to the surrounding area by convection and helps keep you toasty. The slim design makes it perfect for hallways, galleys, offices, conservatories and any other places in the home that needs some heat.

How are you keeping your home warm this winter? Send us your pictures on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - and don't worry, Spring will be here soon!

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