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6 Weeks Until Christmas: What Needs to be Done

13 November 2017

Christmas is well and truly just around the corner, with the first glimpses of Christmas markets and twinkling lights starting to crop up all over the UK. It might seem like you’ve got ages to prepare for the big day, but in reality we all know that the 25th December has a habit of creeping up on us and taking us rather by surprise - mad dash round the shops on Christmas Eve, anyone?

Here’s a handy Christmas to do list of the things you should start to think about in the next week or so, to help you get ready for Christmas.

Inside of a fridge

Clear out your fridge-freezer

Now’s the time you need to start thinking about making room in your fridge-freezer for all your Christmas goodies. Starting this early minimises the risk of food going to waste, as you’re giving yourself enough time to actually eat it before it goes off.

Write and send your Christmas cards

Why not be super organised this year and start writing your Christmas cards early? We all know that the masses of cards that need to be written can be a rather huge job, so it’s best to get it out of the way before other things start to take priority. We have a fantastic pack of 40 Mini Cube Christmas Cards - perfect for writing the bulk of your Seasons Greetings in one go.

B&M Top Tip: if you have friends or family that live outside the UK, now’s the time to think about sending their Christmas cards. We all know how busy the postal service gets over the Christmas period, so it’s best to send these out well in advance to avoid any late arrivals.

Christmas shopping


Start your Christmas shopping

We know it sounds like we’ve lost the plot, but starting your Christmas shopping nice and early is a sure-fire way to miss the crowds of December. The next six weeks really will fly by, and you don’t want to be rushing around on Christmas Eve.

B&M Top Tip: when it comes to Christmas shopping, make a budget and stick to it. It’s very easy to get sucked into spending much more than you need to - so keeping to a realistic budget will make your January (and February) easier from a financial perspective. 

Think about sleeping arrangements

Many people have full houses over the Christmas period, with relatives coming in from all over the country to celebrate as a family. With this in mind, now’s the time to start thinking about sleeping arrangements, and to buy any extra bedding or camp beds that you’ll need - after all, nobody wants to end up sleeping on the floor!

B&M Top Tip: while you're planning sleeping arrangements, it’s also worth having a think about the ways you’re going to keep guests entertained. For an after dinner game (adults only), we think this snakes and ladders drinking game should do the trick! For an alcohol-free but equally as hilarious alternative, we highly recommend the mouthful challenge party game (just have a tissue handy to catch the dribble!). 


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