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7 Cheap Toy Storage Solutions

26 December 2018

We’re betting your little ones were given what seems like hundreds of toys at Christmas!

Your house is suddenly packed floor to ceiling with new, loud toys so the old ones from last month (or last Christmas!) are being neglected and unused, which means it’s time to make some space.

While your kids are busy playing with their new toys, you can store away their old ones – so here’s a few ideas for some storage solutions to help you along your way!

Underbed Clear Storage Box 32L

If you’re looking to store some toys under a bed that are close to hand and easy to access, then this Underbed Storage Box is perfect.

With a 32L capacity, there’s plenty of storage space to keep lots of toys, and it easily slides under beds.

Large Storage Box 110L

For larger storage, and for toys that may no longer be played with, this Large Storage Box, with a 110L capacity, is ideal.

If you’re putting toys up into the attic, use this huge box to store them away. If you’re lucky, you might even get some help from the kids!

B&M Top Tip: our Large Storage Boxes are also big enough for all your Christmas decorations, helping protect them from the attic's cold and damp till next year!

Blue Storage Box 75L

One thing this 75L Storage Box has that the others don’t is a partially-opening lid, allowing for instant and easy access to toys.

You could use this as a toy box in their bedroom, but make sure they tidy up after themselves by putting all the toys away again!

4 Tier Drawer

For a more immediate and useful storage solution, this set of clear drawers would be great for a playroom or bedroom.

Your little one is able to see exactly where all of their new and favourite toys are, and can pick them out whenever they choose.

The drawers are available in black, taupe and silver, so choose the best one to match your décor.

Crayola Kids 9 Tub Frame

Perfect for your little one’s bedroom, this colourful Crayola storage solution can house all kinds of toys and accessories!

With 9 tubs to utilise, you could organise them into arts & crafts essentials like pencils and crayons, with action figures in another section, animals and so on.

Crayola Kids Storage Bench

Combine toy storage with a cute seating area for your little one with the Crayola Bench. Lift the lid to store away teddies and toys for your child to pick and choose whenever they fancy.

The colourful bench would suit any room in your home, potentially even giving your little one their very own seat in the living room!

Unicorn 4 Drawer Chest

If your kids love unicorns then this 4 Drawer Chest is the perfect storage solution for their bedroom.

Anything can be stored in here, from clothes to toys and accessories, so if you ended up with a mountain of gifts from family and friends, you can store them in this chest (because despite what they'll try and tell you, all of the toys can’t be played with at once!)

Do you have any storage tips for the B&M community? Share yours with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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