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7 of the Best Gin Combinations for "World Gin Day"

03 June 2019

Gin & Tonic Glasses

Gin is definitely the flavour of the season - new blends are popping up everywhere, and we’re not complaining! You can’t go wrong with a little juniper-infused goodness, and whether your tipple is a cheeky cheap gin or a bottle from the top shelf, it’s extremely hard to find a bad one.

Gin is the perfect refreshing beverage for warmer temperatures so, as we head into summer, we’ve put together a list of our favourite flavoured gins, complementary botanicals and mixers. If you’ve ever wondered how to make gin even better… just take a look below.

1. Citrus

You can’t go wrong with a little zest in your gin. The sharpness of lemon or lime cuts through the bitterness of a good gin easily, creating something super refreshing. As we’ll explore further below, a little sweetness doesn’t go amiss either - which is why we love Brambles Lemon Drizzle Cake Gin Liqueur; it’s the perfect combination of both.

2. Sweet Treats

Brambles GinGin is one of those wonderful ingredients that works perfectly with both sharp and sugary flavours. Beware, those with a sweet tooth - Brambles Cherry Bakewell Gin and Battenberg gin liqueurs are delectably moreish! In both, the soft almond taste contrasts beautifully with the subtle botanicals, making them a win for cake flavoured gin!

3. Fruity Favourites

1 Fruity Gin

The sharpness of gin works beautifully against soft or tart fruit flavours. Pineapple, for example, was a favourite amongst gin combinations of the 1920s - and can still be used as a fun and surprising mixer or garnish today. However, the team at B&M particularly love the deep, sweet and slightly bitter taste of Steampunk Explorer’s Blood Orange Flavoured gin.

For a lighter, sharper flavour, you can also opt for the brand’s Rhubarb Gin. (Yes, we know rhubarb gin isn’t technically made from fruit, but its sweet and tangy notes fit this palate perfectly and work perfectly in a fruity cocktail!).

4. Gorgeous Florals

Herbal delights and simple tonic

If you’re wondering how to make gin feel even more elegant than it already does, opt for florals. Violet and rose flavours are amongst the top gin infusions of the moment. The uber-popular J J Whitley’s Violet Gin proffers a gorgeously vintage, perfumed hint of parma violet. Meanwhile, veteran drinks-specialists Fentimans have created a pre-mixed Gin & Rose Lemonade delicacy in collaboration with London-based gin-distillers, Bloom.

5. Herbal Delights

A touch of wholesome herbiness has long proven a firm favourite when it comes to gin combinations. These earthy flavours can be used as one of the central focuses of your drink, or delicately infused with other elements for the perfect blend.

Of course, it was only a matter of time before unicorn gin came galloping onto the scene - and even this fabulous candy floss coloured creation harnesses a strong herbal arsenal! Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur uses a rich burst of coriander and liquorice to give some real body to your beverage, while providing the fantastical shimmer that only a unicorn gin can!

6. Tangy Ginger

If you want to add a little spice to your drink, a nice ginger kick might be just what you need. Gin combines beautifully with ginger beer or ale for a beverage that doubles as a freshening pick-me-up.

7. Simple Tonic

Floral Gin

Of course, when in doubt, nothing can beat the original flavour of refreshing tonic water. It’s here that your choice of gin really shines through, as one is capable of complementing the other so easily. You don’t need to splash the cash to find your perfect tipple - cheap gin can be just as delicious. We love Steampunk Explorer’s Bone Dry gin. At just £12.99* for a 70cl bottle, you can enjoy it guilt free - and its delectable flavour requires no further bolstering!

Of course, there’s nothing better than having a wide variety to choose from. Once you’ve selected your perfect cheap gin from B&M, a final option is to spoil yourself by investing in our gin cocktail mixer set, which includes a bottle each of raspberry, rose flower, lime, mandarin and elderflower mixers.

B&M stocks a wide range of high-quality cheap gins. Whether you prefer a subtle, no-nonsense, dry blend or a glittering, fun-filled bottle of unicorn tears, gin is available in all of our alcohol-selling stores.

B&M Top Tip: For further beverage inspiration and gorgeous tipple-themed gift sets, browse our fabulous drinks section on our website today!

Got a favourite gin cocktail? Share your recipe, along with a picture, with the B&M Community via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram! 

*prices subject to change. Price correct at time of publication (03/06/2019)

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