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8 Amazing Tips for Tackling Your Laundry Mountain

15 February 2018

That mountain of laundry can be a daunting task, but fear not. The laundry team at B&M HQ are here to help.

Take a look at out top tips and tricks to help you finally win the battle against your laundry!

Sort Your Clothes When You Take Them Off

It’s very tempting to just throw your clothes on top of the pile of laundry, but if you organise them into dark, white and colour wash loads right away, it makes it a quicker and easier job when laundry day comes around.

The Vinegar Trick

This is a clever one, and before you ask, no it doesn’t leave your clothes smelling of vinegar!

Just after you've added Ariel Excel Gel to your load, toss in a cap full of vinegar. It should help get rid of pesky stains and freshen up your clothes.

B&M Top Tip: When the weather's fairing a bit better, save money on your energy bill by hanging your washing out to dry on your new reinforced clothes line.

Aluminium Foil Ball

Are you out of dryer sheets but have a wash load to dry? Fear not. Simply scrunch up some foil into a ball and chuck it in with your clothes.

The aluminium ball reduces static inside the dryer and makes your clothes, towels and blankets feel extra fluffy when they come out!

Whiten Whites with Baking Soda

Have some of your whites lost that whiter-than-white look? Just add a cup of baking soda into a wash load and the colour-safe bleach will brighten up your previously dull and lifeless garments.

B&M Top Tip: For an even stronger clean, use Ariel 3-in-1 Pods to tackle tough stains.

Towels Speed Up Your Drying

If you put a towel into a drying cycle for about 15 to 20 minutes, it soaks up all of the moisture from the wet clothes and speeds up the process.

Don’t leave it in for the full cycle though, as the moisture it soaks up will be tumbling around with everything else inside.

Hang Dry Clothes Immediately

As soon as that dry cycle is over, hang your clothes up. While they're still super warm, they can smooth out while hanging, meaning you won’t have to iron anything at all!

Ice Cubes in the Dryer

We've all been there. You've got 10 minutes to get the kids fed, dressed and out the door for school, but their uniforms are still creased. Or that cute little number you want to wear for your big night out is still in the ironing pile and you've only got 15 minutes before the taxi arrives.

It may sound strange but try putting a couple of ice cubes and dryer sheet in with your creased item of clothing. Give it about 10 minutes on the highest setting and their school uniforms (or your favourite dress) will be ready to wear: crease free!

Chalk Your Grease Stains

Grease stains can be a little annoying can’t they? Whether it’s from cooking that delicious fry-up or a little mark from your lipstick, inconvenient spills are inevitable. Luckily just a bit of ordinary chalk can help remove almost anything.

Simply rub chalk over the stain prior to washing, then use some Ariel Stain Remover in a normal wash load and the dirt will come right out.

Do you have any laundry tips and tricks? If so, let the B&M community know on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.